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Combination Immunogene Therapy

In 2001, we acquired a proprietary cancer vaccine combination immunogene therapy technology, known as CIT. A US patented technology (patent issued May 25, 2004), CIT is intended to build the body’s immune system and destroy cancer cells. We are actively seeking a pharmaceutical or biotechnology strategic partner with whom to form a joint venture or otherwise license our CIT technology. We are also currently engaged in litigation regarding certain intellectual property and equitable interests in the technology .

Combination Immunogene Therapy (“CIT”) technology could lead to a vaccine or possibly treat those already diagnosed with cancer. For those patients known to be at risk because of a family history for certain types of cancer, CIT could eventually be used to protect the patient from acquiring cancer by preparing the patient’s immune system to destroy that particular type of cancer cell before cancer develops.

This innovative technology was developed by Lung-Ji Chang, Ph.D. at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, and acquired by Radient Pharmaceuticals in September 2001. Dr. Chang serves as the Company's Consultant for Gene Therapy in the continued development of CIT. On May 25, 2004, Radient Pharmaceuticals received a United States Patent for CIT. The CIT technology works by simultaneously incorporating two genes directly into the patient's tumor cells to enhance their immune system’s natural ability to destroy other cancer cells. CIT targets cancer cells for immunological attack, while simultaneously stimulating a stronger immune response against the tumor cells.

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